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Advanced PVA Technologies 
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Manufactures brush rollers used in the Semiconductor, Hard Drive, Medical, Glass and a variety of commercial applications.

Major ingredients are Polyvinyl Acetate, potato starch, DI water solution that is polymerized in a mold. It is highly absorbent, ultra pure sponge material. It is incredibly durable in a wide range of chemistries-low k, tungsten, oxide.

The company chose CIP as the site of its facility for a number of reasons including, reduced overhead creating a better ability to compete globally. It also meant job creation in the owner’s hometown of Colusa, the Industrial Park’s reclaim and reuse industrial waste water and support of rural America.
Made in USA has increased value, brings job diversification and is good for Colusa including exposure to other industries.

The County is supportive of new industry.

PVA Roller