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Property Development

Farmers Fresh Mushrooms Inc. 

Current Tenants

Farmers Fresh Mushrooms Inc. recently purchased Premier Mushrooms in 2019, which was one of the County’s fastest growing ag-related industries and is counted among the county’s largest private sector employers. In just seven years the farm had expanded from 16 to 64 growing grooms and grown production from 70k lbs./week to 290k lbs./week.  


At Farmers Fresh the product is composted, grown, processed and distributed. The composting and pasteurization process takes place in a fully enclosed wharf area, a process which provides several benefits which can be seen in the final product.  


Farmers Fresh encourages the education of youth within our communities and believes we all have an obligation to be stewards of the land. Fresh local food, solid waste reduction and community education are all effective ways of advancing this goal. Because of this belief, they choose to take an active role in the local community. In line with this vision Premier Mushrooms Inc. has adopted a sustainability program of its own and is continually seeking to identify ways to improve it.

Farmers Fresh Mushrooms cooling system, which must keep grow-rooms at a steady 65 degrees year round.

Advanced technology allows the grow-room climate to be monitored 24/7 and ensures product quality and safety.

Grow beds are made of aluminum in place of wood in order to inhibit bacterial growth. 

After being picked, mushrooms are taken to the 21,000 square foot cold storage facility where they are processed and typically ship out the same day. 

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