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Tor Broadcasting is a developer of buildings and towers on South Butte in the Sutter Buttes Mountain Range. The company was started in 1967 by L.A. Otterson as a radio communication site.

Today the site serves approximately 50 customers while meeting the needs of a diverse communication industry. Services provided currently include 2-way radio, microwave communication, paging, cellular, FM Radio, atmospheric data collection, weather cam, wireless T.V., education programming, law enforcement communication and ham radio.

The South Butte site has grown over the years to include a lower and upper site with 2 backup generator sets between them.

Tor is operated by an experienced management team and relies on Comsites West for marketing and engineering services. Tor Broadcasting is well positioned for future growth with approximately 2,000 sq. ft. of available building space and multiple locations for antenna and dish mounting.

Tor Broadcasting in 2008 constructed a 240 ft. tower and in 2009 applied the finishing touches on the 240 ft. tower and began installing new customers. This asset enables Tor Broadcasting to move quickly and with great confidence to be able to accommodate any new business and equipment that make be presented to us.

In 2010 Tor Broadcasting continued to upgrade our site technology with the purchase of new combining equipment for the upper site on South Butte. This upgrade of equipment included a purchase of a new 400kw genset to meet the Tier 2 EPA emission limits. Redundancy in emergency back up power is one of the top priorities.

Tor Broadcasting works closely with our customers to provide services that support their communication businesses, which include engineering, construction, permitting, and technical support.

Sutter Buttes Towers 
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